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Hey all, new here! Where might be a good place to start for a 198 Jett these days?
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If you mean to train to 200 forest of excavation 2 I believe is one map I'm aware of as a good training spot but it might be popular depending on server?
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mrbasil @Kuraisenshi Hey, tyvm! That's exactly what I was after. My server (Elysium?) is pretty quiet so probably won't be a problem. Not sure where that map is but I'll look around. Thanks for the tip.
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lipperman @mrbasil future perion area. its one of the most popular maps sub level 200. not sure about elysium but in bera i always just trained in surrounding maps - they get the job done just fine and i never had to worry about ks'ers and stuff
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lipperman @mrbasil i've been finding low-key maps in arcana lately xD ... i prefer finding overlooked maps for some solitude and more burning exp . if theres one thing i hate, its competing with others for an open map lol plus, it feels lame doing the same cookie cutter training maps that everyone else does for progression. i know i'm not the most efficient in training, so it gives me more freedom to explore
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mrbasil @lipperman sounds like that's perhaps a bit new from the MS I remember, where everyone was pretty hardcore about THE maps to train on? Still enjoying though the game though, it sounds like?
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lipperman @mrbasil oh yea, i'm having a blast, haha - so much more to do now in game compared to the old days. everyone pretty much is still hardcore about the main maps to train on. what i'm saying is i don't care about the hyped up maps so i just find other ones that work just fine for me. when i came back from a break this year i would just pull up the world map and hover over spots that had monsters near my lvl range. .. theres also the in game "maple guide" that gives u recommendations and can even teleport u to the map
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mrbasil @lipperman like what kinds of other things do you do besides grind?
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lipperman @mrbasil i personally mostly grind lol [on my main and on legion characters] - the game is inherently very grindy, but i like it. i am starting to think about starting tower of oz runs. it looks like a somewhat fun alternative to the normal grind of things xD
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mrbasil @lipperman oh tower of oz is still a thing eh? Are there many party-based activities you partake in?
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Kuraisenshi @mrbasil guild party quest is still a thing in the current maplestory. Though some people do boss runs as a guild
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