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Bossing was one of those things that have come a long way in MS. I remember the first Zakums and how people would queue up in lists to get a helmet. I also remember leaving pet loot on by accident and taking one by mistake (I promise!). Over time it became possible to solo Zak quite easily.

Horntail was another one that really changed over time. It was a real ordeal to get all the bits to even be able to take on HT. And after awhile people were soloing it.

I'm curious what the bossing situation is like these days. Can some of you post some of your fave screens / share some thoughts?


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its still like that in private servers, you still get that rush of having to team up with other ppl, esp the new ones when everyone is only like level 130-150, trying to coordinate to beat HT.

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@andisayd are people still doing PS? They're stuck on an old version of the game I presume?

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