Nightwalkers jump attack w/o sticky keys

I am curious whether there are any nightwalkers that can jump attack consistently without the use of the stickykeys? I've been practicing so i learned how to do it but 10 seconds is the most I can do before i break rhythm or my fingers get tired lols. The reason i dont stickykeys is cause it makes your jump button real unresponsive.

September 1, 2015

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[quote=archm0onl]u need a mechanical keyboard[/quote]

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I have a mech KB with N-Key Rollover so I should be able to do it..but I've never played the class :^)

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I used to jump-attack manually before I knew about Sticky Keys. Trying to listen to the sound/rhythm of my attacks for proper timing made playing a NW really fun.

Then one day I discovered Sticky Keys and how much easier it made everything. I felt like a chump for going through all that effort when all along there was an easier way (also sticky keys messed up the controls of my other characters), so I logged out and never played my Night Walker again.

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u need a mechanical keyboard

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