Won 9/10 in Bingo Bonanza

I don't know whether if it was just luck or not, but in all ten games I went for the diagonal lines first. once I get the "X" (both diagonal) on my bingo card, there is so much possibilities of a 4 in a row from there. Pretty much a gg.

January 14, 2014

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lt's pure luck, because there'll be some games where every single number you pick helps other people out and none of their numbers help you out.
At least you get to enjoy 45+ coins!

Reply January 14, 2014

2 words to say

Reply January 14, 2014

@Reunite yea i build on what they give me as well..b ut most of the time my board gets like literally no numbers picked from the other players.. its kind of annoying because it feels so rigged.. im not lucky at all. >.<

Reply January 14, 2014

Not trying to put you down, when it comes to bingo just hope that you're up against people who are dumber than you. Also build on what they give you.

Reply January 14, 2014

Pretty much luck, One day I won all 10, next day I lost all 10.

Reply January 14, 2014

Bingo is basically luck. Just hope that the other people pick spots that give you spots also

Reply January 14, 2014