How long have you hayato mains been playing

How long have you guys been playing/maining hayato. I am curious since I've always thought it was such a fun class yet I wonder if the class ever reached a point where it was considered boring. I am planning to main one and if I enjoy it possibly fund one when hayato comes back for class creation.

October 6, 2015

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I made one today. So far very mobile so fun . I feel like a true samurai. Thanks for the input guys. Always wanted to slay monsters roronoa zoro style.

Reply October 8, 2015

Playing since beta, Played Hayato since it came out, quit for a month and made a DW for dmg, but it was lacking fun, so I went back to Hayato

Reply October 7, 2015

LeL, been playing my hayato since maple was in beta, 2006 boi.
RT: I honestly started hayato as my first character on Bera when I decided GRAZED wasn't life. Never got bored of the class nor will it ever be boring.

Reply October 6, 2015

I wasn't back to Maple until 3 or 4 months after Hayato release, but it was the first character I made in Scania. Have mained one for ~13 months/~6 active months (account needing reactivation via e-mail, but no e-mail for 7 months). Was only "boring" when skills were glitched and you repeatedly got that message "You are not high enough to use this skill." [I wrote some long story here originally, but there's no formatting when posting from browser on Basil, so it was just a wall of text]

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