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haha!!! me and this GM are BEST BUDYS!! i am the best gm HUNTER!! gamefan200 hav NOTHING On me!!!! gamefan more like LAMEFAN200

March 1, 2015

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Hai gamefan I see ya when I'm making pots in ardent sometimes.
Also.. I wish there were more GM's in renegades =3= but that's what I've got my other servers for. Oh well.

Reply March 5, 2015

holy moly thats EPIC

Reply March 4, 2015

I dont think so! >.< I can hunt more GMs faster than u can bake a lemon meringue pie!

Reply March 3, 2015

i love maplestoryY!YY!Y!Y

Reply March 2, 2015

you look like a girl

Reply March 2, 2015