So its been like forever since I cared about this game

>Is it still going downhill faster than a fat man down stairs curled up like Sonic?
>Is it still ungodly unbalanced and pay-to-win?
>Is it still a grind-fest if I train alone without NX with a full stat build (having 95 dex on a bucc as an example)? (I hate mmo communities, so I play alone for the most part)
Becauseee I quit I believe this January, I think... .-.
I was enjoying my CB after my Bucc and Beginner lost any and all flair, but then just lost all interest entirely.
So, how is the game now? Ignoring my sarcastic mocking up top, I'm perfectly willing to re-download this game for the occasional little 30minute-1hour playtime.
I'm just worried that this game hasn't really improved for the better since I quit.

May 8, 2012

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[quote=ramenrulz]Cool. here's the answers to your questions.

To answer your questions: It is getting easier and easier to get levels, mesos, and nx. Nexon is going through a whole bunch of revamps right now that are making the game a whole lot more interesting and its only getting better as two new classes are coming in the near future. A lot of the smaller worlds are decreasing in size because from what I can see the older generation is hitting max levels and quitting while a newer nooby generation is coming in.[/quote]

Alright, thanks for your input~
I think i'll give the game another shot. I won't ever fully quit, since I think it's silly to just quit a game forever. Unless it's absolutely TERRIBLE.
Meh, I may lose interest again instantly, but I think it's worth a shot. Summers catching up soon, and inbetween all the crap I have planned, I could use a little time-killer like maple.

Thanks to everyone who posted, from those who said to avoid it like the plague (yet for some reason are still playing), to those who recommended it.
I appreciate the input.

@divinerikku: That's not really a good reason at all... my interest in the game is renewed, I don't get your logic.

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[quote=MuffinsINC]Why? I care about it again, so why not ask questions? Riddle me that batman.[/quote]

Because you just got away, you know nothing about it, so why care about it?

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[quote=ramenrulz]If it's been so long since you cared about maple then stop asking questions about it.[/quote]

Why? I care about it again, so why not ask questions? Riddle me that batman.

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This game aint a grindfest.

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[quote=AoiHorizon]@DivineRikku: u didnt add me get away [/quote]

Adding you now, you cry too much.

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[quote=DragonLove96]to be honest, there are much better MMO's than Maplestory, and not just from nexon.[/quote]

Oh I'm aware. I intend to get into Tribes down the road, but I need to upgrade my graphics card a bit more before i dive in.
Mostly just using maple as a single player-play for a little while to kill time kinda game. It does that very well.

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@0shadowkid0: Aww well, atleast they are trying, you know what i am saying?

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[quote=shiwarrior]I recently 'half quited' (only been on once in the past 6 months) but I check the GMS site for any major updates or changes. I got fed up with the amount of events I had to do to keep up to reap rewards and got sick of the constant 2x as it didnt seem rewarding anymore. Seems like nexon messes up too much so they just 2x it all the time now.

I know others wont see it like this, I can understand that they enjoy the 2x as it gives them that leveling up faster feeling, and the events keep the game going and exciting. But to me.

It became a chore. I would say it hasn't improved nor got worse. Its just the same stuff day in day out.[/quote]

Yeah that's always how it's ended up for me after I occasionally re-install it. Eh, that's how older mmo's seem to be though. It's just how it is.

[quote=d3athkn1t3]Technically, you haven't quit.

OT : The game has gotten a little bit more fun after duping stopped.[/quote]

Maybe it wasn't the right word, but I'm not too worried about that.
I uninstalled and forgot about the game since January, quit seemed like as good a word as any.

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It's like any game, it's what you make of it. If you want it to be about meeting new people, then there you go. If you want it to be about dishing out level 150 damage at level 100, then go on ahead, it'll cost money for sure but that's what you're agreeing to by pursuing that. If you want to grind, you have to acknowledge the fact that KSer's are always on the loose, and it's up to you to deal with them however you see fit. The game's quality is determined by YOU!

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[quote=SpBlackout]Don't do it!
Maple sucks I want to quit.[/quote]

Meh, I doubt I'll get addicted again. Besides, it's alright in short doses.
I don't game nearly as much as I used to, and maple bores me in long sessions anyway~
It didn't take me any effort at all to quit, I just got rid of all my nx, and played the game for enjoyment in smaller doses. For this reason I lost interest and uninstalled it. My life was then on a gradual increase in quality after I did that strangely enough.

But the imbalance doesn't bug me too much, since I mostly chill and train by myself anyway, and cb's are still fun to me soo. I think I may give it a re-install... and see how long I keep it.

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actually as of now,
no lags,
new Hackshield system,
no crashes, only 1 schduled maintance a week
the game is pretty neat right now.

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[quote=AoiHorizon]Nah its not that bad they been attempting to get better, and i think they might be succeeding[/quote]

He's lying and has a vip dagger, ignore him.

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Nah its not that bad they been attempting to get better, and i think they might be succeeding

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Its a free to play game bro. You can start out with no money at all and end up with 100mil by the end of the day.

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Alright then, point taken.
I always felt maple was a hell-of-a-lot grindier and more imbalanced than most mmo's, but that's probably because it's a korean f2p...
Eh, different strokes for different folks.

Ahhh, I notice that the basil community is still whining constantly about the game... yet is still playing obsessively. That's nice.

EDIT: by pay-to-win, that means that unless you acquire nx, or buy nx, there are a lot of items that you can't get otherwise. That's how it's been in maple for years now, and it's a terrible terrible system. And these items are far more than cosmetic, they give you an outrageous advantage, that's pay to win.

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What do people mean Pay-to-Win? If they mean having to pay to get good damage and get to 200 then that's false...
But yeah. This game is going downhill.

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If you didn't like all the things you described above then you won't like it now. It's still a grindy mmo with imbalance, just like most all mmo's.

PS: I love it, don't know why I just do.

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