Buff freezers charges/blast buff

Do buff freezers retain your charges/blast buff?

I had to used a few and they don't seem to retain these 2 buffs

Is this suppose to be intended? or is this a bug?

August 23, 2016

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@n0thinspecial: thats like to ask why the sky is blue and not green for example, theres no valid reason for it.

Reply September 5, 2016

@lordanubis: like I said in previous post, I understand why I would lose the charges, but why would you lose the blast buff?

Reply September 2, 2016

u lose them even using buff freezers, that bcuz if u could keep the charges, then pallys would be invincible, i mean even when u have 1 charge on, u can survive almost every 1hko attack, so no, u dont keep the charges or the blast buff.

Reply September 2, 2016

@kyuubi: I do not have the luxury of having a battle-roid. When I die with all 5 charges AND the blast buff, I would use a buff freezer, but the charges are reset and I lose the blast buff. I guess I understand losing the charges, but don't understand why I lose the blast buff.

Reply September 2, 2016 - edited

I'm not very active on maple for the time being...this is solely based off of my poor memory lolz.
The charges are reset whenever you die. I think the blast buff is kept. I'm using a battle-roid; it has the ability to preserve your buffs whenever you die.

Reply August 27, 2016 - edited

i know buff freezers aren't supposed to save specific buffs.
so its possible that the charges getting reset is suppose to get reset, i would think that the blast buff is kept though.

Reply August 25, 2016 - edited