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how to stay positive when 1. you go to class every day take notes hand in papers on time but professor throws f's at your face like it won't ruin your life and you wanna give up on the final assignment cause you know he'll see your work as trash and give you another f (don't be mistaken i'm actually very eloquent irl) 2. f.i.n.a.l.s. are coming up and the only things you learned are how to not fart in class and how to daydream for longer 3. need to pay tuition ($$$ for people to fail you) 4. your coworkers are authority hungry the gossip and drama don't stop when you just want some peace and quiet for one damn second but women love to argue 5. your dad had his work tools stolen and has to repurchase everything it'll cost a few grand but mon

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people who drive so last week i got into a pretty bad car accident causing internal damage on the right side, right hand corner of the front bumper and lamps to be busted and a tire punctured. the steering wheel wasn't aligned with the tires cause the axles were damaged and i was notified today that the engine also needs to be replaced. the estimate comes down to over $20,000 which is nearly the cost of the entire car's worth so the dealership repair shop is refusing to fix it. i asked the estimator for the reason for the high price and he said that parts are expensive. their only offer is a $24,000 cheque for the car and they will sell the undamaged parts and i only have until tomorrow to make a decision. i've had bad experiences at local

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Auction Feedback I won an auction for some mastery books about a week ago. Since then, I think I PMed the seller four times. She read the first message and told me to meet her the next day at a specific time. I waited for her to get on but she never showed up, then she ignored/never read the three PMs I sent her after that and her buddy list was full as well. I don't really want to give her negative feedback because this is only the third auction that I've won, but I don't want to give inaccurate feedback either... So under what situations do we give [b]neutral[/b] feedback? Should I just give negative feedback instead even though she might return it despite the fact that I tried over and over again to get in contact with her? I think she w