Angel of Balance is a god but so are you

I didn't even get to max it, and I already fell in love with this skill.
currently level 18, it's dishing out 1290% damage 8 times, for a total of 10,320% Damage.

That's like a Bahamut on steroids.

. .

I am joking.


If you're not maining a bishop, and you really wanna get a sense of "how strong" this skill is, lemme give you the dry math, with the tl;dr at the bottom.

Bahamut is a dragon that bishops get to summon (about the size of Evan's mir, plus minus a head of a mapler)

[*] *Bahamut*

For 260 seconds (no cooldown)
One line of damage, 500% Damage on up to 3 enemies.

In my case, Bahamut's a level 31 skill with 506% damage with core buffs, no potions, or external buffs from party members etc.
I also maxed the 5th job boost, so for the sake of argument, let's assume it's linear, and wer'e talking about a 1012% damage line.
Bahamut deals around 300m damage on a mob, as you can see in a picture here:

In addition to that, let's talk about the "other" effect of Bishop's beloved dragon;
Bahamut's Mark.
When Bahamut attacks an enemy, it leaves a mark on it. The next time that target is hit with a Holy-Element attack, it will deal 25% more damage. Which is nice (meant prob. for bishops, but technically can be used for palladins as well).
Not a big deal, but certainly nice to have around for that extra cheese on your meal.

[*] *Angel of Balance*

I came to the conclusion that you can't believe everything you read online.
The answer is different in every website, so I went ahead and checked for myself. turns out whatever's written in the skill description IN GAME is accurate.

Ayumilove claims The angel's duration is 30 seconds. However, that is not true, it's true duration is 39 seconds, regardless of level.
The cooldown is also set to be 120 seconds from the moment the angel is summoned.
And for the most imprtant part, Angel of Balance doesn't deal 8 lines of 825% damage,
In fact, AT MAX LEVEL it deals 1500% Damage per line.

You can check out an example of it on my character in this picture:

notice the duration and damage.

Look at how powerful this is. at level 18, not even max level, wer'e talking 1290% damage per line!

every single line is more powerful than a Bahamut.

I know it's a little hard to see with all of these lines, but the angel's function only work when I attavk first, and this is the best one I've got. 320~350m per lines, for EIGHT lines. PER MOB. Dealt to 12 enemies. FOR THIS FAR-REACHING RANGE.
Now, at max level I should be expecting aprox. 450m per line~

In adition to that, they didn't forget the Bahamut's Mark. Angel of Balance (can I call it AoB from now on?) has it's own version. The enemies are marked by the same kind of mark, but it increases the final damage... BY 50%.

How powerful is that, anyway?
Just throwing numbers out there, percent... I bet it's not even real.

Lemme wrap this up.
Heaven's Door, up until now, was considered a Bishop's strongest attack, with 8 lines of 1000% damage, and with V Matrix Cores, wer'e talking double the damage, so basicly 16,000% Damage, as a ONE CAST skill, and a cooldown. If it knocks the enemy down, good. Otherwise, screw this, at least it looks cool and gives a kickass buff.

Angel of Balance, AT MAX LEVEL, deals 12,000% damage, REPEATEDLY.
AND buffs the user's damage by 50% Every time it does.

Now, I hear you ask, "Are you done hyping this mule-class? who cares?"
I don't know, what do you think about constant healing, and a damage boost?!
Eh, not that good? It's not like Benediction wasn't there before.
AoB also functions as a poor man's Haku.

Part members get 5% damage boost, and a buff that heals them constantly for 4 measly seconds.
Now the problem is that this "inactive mode" angel... is crap.
When you're training in Tower F1, jumping down platforms, you want a killer angel, not a healing one. Besides, the angel cannot be summoned alongside Bahamut. So it's a terrible, terrible choice for mobbing.
The inactive mode wouldn't see any use.

The good thing Nexon did with AoB is it's summoning function. Since it cannot be summoned with Bahamut, it would REPLACE Bahamut if you were stupid enough to forget to turn it off, or too lazy to move you mouse, or if you just read this paragraph and know how it works. While the angel is there, you cannot Summon Bahamut, so you don't have to worry about Bahamut overriding her.

All in all it's a very *VERY* powerful summon, and it's "party-oriented" mode is little more than useless, but nevertheless can be used if you just want that damn damage boost and don't care about that mule's gear, dangit, it wasn't supposed to die that fast.
Or if you're a bishop boy like me, and attacking is your thing, Hell, this is going to be hell of a help against Dojo / Lucid / Damien / HMAG / Lotus / LITERALY ANYTHING YOU ATTACK REALLY.
but not mobbing tho. sorry.
Also the angel's damage is affected by Infinity, and Arcane Aim

Check out these 780~800m lines.

EDIT #2:
Here's a video of me trying it out in new dojo

June 22, 2017