50k nx, what would be most beneficial My range is decent atm but what should i go for? Cube for better stats (cause i know i need the extra range) Or Work on inner ability (Unique with crap stats) if i go for inner ability im aiming for 1+ atk speed or 40-50% buff duration to get passed stances cooldown (needed for long grinding hours) Am i more likely to get good stats on equips via cubes or do i have a better chance with inner ability. those that speak from experience would be highly helpful :D thank you <33

General Marksman

Cubing for a Marksmen Hey guys its me again, well I've recently upgraded and got equips which are decently scrolled but need to be Recubed. :p The equips potential unfortunately range from rare to epic. </3 :3 :~( any advise on specifically which cubes to use for stats versus getting better tiers? should I wait for another cubing event? and whats stats specifically should I aim for on my weapon versus emblem, rings, face, top&bottom, shoes&cape, and andriod heart. And any advise on which nebs i should go for? I appreciate the help :D by the way I'll provide a poll for which % stat in your opinion is the best.

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