How do I create a 2nd Burning Character with quotBurninatorquot?

The event notes quote "This time two characters on your account can have the "Burning" effect. Burn one character with the Mega Burning Event and another character with the Mega Character Burninator! Characters burned with the Mega Burning Event will have a orange flame while characters burned with the Mega Character Burninator will have a purple flame."

But I can't seem to create a second burning character. I just got my first one to level 150 and want to move on to the second. There's no prompt on my character creation and there's no useful event quest on the character after it's level 10.

June 22, 2018

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Like deeemon said, if you already had a burning char you could make a second one with this event. I have two bruning chars now, both fighting for attention, lol.(i made a demon, it was soooo long ago i played a demon, really cool)

Reply June 23, 2018

@deeemon: Thanks for the reply! That's an interesting find. According to that page the event ended on the 18th. This Mega Burning Character event started after that but I think you're right. You needed the item to be able to have two burning characters. I wish the event notes were more detailed and explained this better.

Reply June 22, 2018

It probably the Burninator from sharing the Ark pages on micro site. You get it as a reward thing.

If you did this, check red gift box reward-looking thing in game.

Reply June 22, 2018