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That romance development at this point was unexpected. I'm wet.

October 18, 2015

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cute as hell

Reply October 19, 2015

@ashleyattacked: Interestingly enough, your post was short enough for me to read this time around.

Reply October 18, 2015

Yea, sure, whatever man.

Reply October 18, 2015

I prefer Assassin's Creed. Not for the story but because it's like exploring the past through the lens of a 3d oil painting.

But I guess anime is cute.

I don't like how often anime rips off important western stories and portrays them so childishly through the lens of high schoolers.

And I'm a teen finding them unbearably immature for my taste is saying something.

Yeah I know you didn't ask. But you still got my unsolicited and off topic opinion. Thank god you only gotta slide your fingertip the better part of a single inch to move on and ignore me. lol.

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