R.I.P Evan 2010-2015

Hero, dragon tamer, friend.

October 30, 2015

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@elad1234 do youhonestly think anyone will advertise a crappy youtube channel for you?

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@silverfoxr: The keys won't be much of an issue, we have less active buffs so... it should even out. We don't need keys for Soul Stone, Dragon Blink, Magic Shield, Recovery Aura, Phantom Imprint/Killer Wings (or both of them if you don't use a macro), or Dark Fog anymore. We lose 3-4 skills, we make room for 3-4 skills for Evan's Attacks
And attack-wise, we don't need keys for Flame Wheel, Blaze, Illusion or (maybe) Earthquake, so that frees up another 3-4 keys for Mir's attacks
Oh, and magic guard is a toggle now, and teleport mastery is removed, which means Magic guard will be moved from a macro (or auto buff) to whatever key Teleport Mastery, and/or another buff key will be freed for "Return!"
P.S. It is my understanding that Magic Guard will now reduce hp damage if there is even a single mp left, and reduce mp to zero if there's not enough left.
That means it'll be useful against bosses with %HP attacks XD
PS: It pushes him back because it's an INCREDIBLY intense stream of fire.
Edit: Actually, they DO activate Damage reflect, they just are unnaffected by it.
Think Dual Blade's one skill or summons, not Kaiser.
They are [I]unnaffected[/i] by DR, they don't [i]bypass[/i]/[i]ignore[/i] DR. 2 very different things

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My only concern is the use of keys... not counting buffs, hypers or Magic Circle, you have 3-4 skills for Evan and 3-4 skills for Mir that you fuse to make a lot of variation, but also a lot of clutter on your keyboard.

With that said... looks awesome O.O

Oh, also... anyone who's seen Evan's Dragon Master hyper might not think their hypers are all that bad. In fact, Evan now has the ability to use two hypers at the same time to do damage. Summon the Onyx Dragon, then jump on Mir to use what looks like a flying keydown version of his Breath attack (also funny that his breath pushes him back slightly when firing).

I also have to admit... it's a nice touch that Mir's fusion skills do not activate Damage Reflect... and Magic Circle and Magic Fragments can be used while Mir is attacking in order to continue pressure or change targets. Actually, if you think about it, this would be really useful at something like Gollux. Have Mir use a fusion attack on one side of Gollux to damage the boss while also mopping up the spawned enemies on that side, while Evan fires Magic Circle on the other side to kill the enemies spawning there. And, while Evan moves about to avoid Gollux's bigger attacks, Mir keeps attacking. Might be pretty useful in the end.

And the Mir-assisted jump? That's actually pretty cool.

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im a bit torn tbh.

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Looks very interesting, will def. try it out

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this goin b gud

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@endurance: you can turn off shake effects and they have another one now that does the shake now check in the evan forum page for loads of vids

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about time they removed that ground smash skill it causes so much lag its not even funny

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The whole new Circle of Mana skills feel like complete garbage
They sure got lazy with skills by just buffing them each advancement...
It's going to be sad to see the removal of Illusion I thought it was a really cool bossing move and the growth system...
Honestly feels like recycled bits of Blaze Wizard mixed with Wild Hunter skills...

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@appall: From what I've seen, early game yeah but Luminous still beats it "endgame". Though can be argued with, depends on if it's a flat map or many platforms. (not biased even though it looks like it)

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@skyenets: I would assume "Circle of Mana IV" with some variation of fusion skills/Mir skills would be the new bossing skill/skills. The Evan revamp is kinda meh... Seems they suddenly got alot more boring in my eyes.

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they are the new best mobbers imo.

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Quickly looked through it and I'm still pretty excited.

Finally an improved teleport
Toggle magic guard
Definitely a lot more varriation

Hyper is still crap
No more growths?
Removal of skills that I didn't want to see removed

Can't say happy to see some skills go. Not having flame wheel(? is that dragon breath ?), dark fog, illusion and blaze does quite definitely sadden me as it has always been a pretty important part of Evans. Wish they could have just improved blaze.

Also what in the world is our bossing skill now?


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