I am so triggered.

Permanent Hyper teleport rock as a prize in Marvel? I thought Nexon NA got in serious feces with Nexon KR for this. If they're going to get in trouble again, at least bring back permanent extra pendant slot too. I can't decide if I should sell my last ovary for this marvel or not. My gonads are not pleased.

November 3, 2015

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I want a permanent pendant slot.

Reply November 3, 2015

Trigga fingas turn to Twitter fingas

Reply November 3, 2015

No hyper tele rocks here, Broke boi forever.

Reply November 3, 2015

Well I already have 3 perm hyper tele rocks on my account.... i guess another one wouldnt hurt.

Reply November 3, 2015

I eternally regret not buying perma hyper teleport rock when they came out.

Reply November 3, 2015

Lol I already picked this up for $30. Best $30 ever put into maple story.

Reply November 3, 2015

they should just sell the rock 1 day sale for $100. numerous people on the nexon forums already said they would buy it for that price.

Reply November 3, 2015

I'm triggered that you unironically used the word 'triggered'

Reply November 3, 2015

I wouldn't mind the Hyper rock, then again its pretty simple traveling without it, but the convenience is nice. That being said, if its even obtainable, it might have the same chance as winning the 1m maple points.. so who knows.

Reply November 3, 2015

@blazemaple: When perma hyper rocks were on sale, Nexon Korea got mad because instead of a constant stream of buying temporary rocks, it became a one time payment for a permanent good. Same with perma 2nd pendant slots and permanent safety charms.

Or something along those lines

Reply November 3, 2015

@thesecret: It is helpful for Gollux and Commerci. Not saying that alone is the reason why you should be getting this.

Reply November 3, 2015

@thesecret: Too much work. Much rather spend $473805748093768972865347057076890475891057913759 to move to almost anywhere i want.

Reply November 3, 2015

How did Nexon NA get in trouble with Nexon Korea?

Reply November 3, 2015

Who needs a perm tele rock when you got
-Pantheon Tele
-Guild skill tele/summon
-Maple Guide to tele to training maps
-Friend Story tele to Henesys


Reply November 3, 2015

Triggered? triggered what?

Reply November 3, 2015

brb selling house for mahvel machine.

Reply November 3, 2015