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Quick P/c on Merc Arrow Can I get a p/c on a 3L unique Infinite Magic Arrow? It's 30% Ignore PDF, 6% Dex, 3% Chance recover 53 Hp when attacking? Thank for your help :). Note: This will be my endgame arrow until I get a better one or nx to cube it. I've got almost everything for endgame prepared except arrows, % dex pendant, gallant emblem, android (I have the deluxe recipe but haven't crafted it yet) The amount of money I got atm is 960m, and I am going to be selling away my 10% Dex archer bottom and 16% dex cape and 15 attack wg once I'm high enough to switch to empress. Though a part of the money I get from selling the equips will be going into mounting a bunch on 2% dex nebs on my gear. Would 800m for the arrow be a good price? I offere

General Bowman

Survival rate Mm vs Mercedes comparision In order not to hijack a thread, I have made this new thread to discuss the survival rate between MM and Mercedes. Please note this is a discussion, so no attacks on the participants and explain your claim. I invite to this post. Here's the survival skills for MM vs Mercedes Marksman: Elite Puppet 15: MP -70, Duration: 60 sec, Puppet's HP: 30000, Damage: 350%, Damage Absorbed: 20% Illusion Step 30: MP -35, Duration: 240 sec, DEX: +40, Dodge Chance: +30% Spirit Link FP: Damage: +15%, Max HP: +40%, Weapon Defense: +30%, Magic Defense: +30%, All Elemental Resistances: +15% Archer Mastery 15: ACC +225, Avoid +225, Range +120, Speed +30, Max Speed Increased to 160 Evasion Boost ?: Claimed by basilers to p