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Worldwide event - Bellonova volunteer last alert Here are the volunteers Here are the volunteers that responded that they could make it. The volunteers who hasn't responded, please do, I need to know if you can be available from 8:30pm EST to 10:00pm EST tomorrow. The events starts at 9:00pm EST at Maya's house in Henesys, but I need you to be on earlier to make sure you get to your map and the proofs on time. The maps will be basil mailed tomorrow in the morning. All participants are welcomed. Here's the info

General Gms

Worldwide event - Bellonova I'm planning to host a world wide event for Bellonova since Nexon hasn't had many of those lately. The theme is hide and seek mixed with treasure hunting. Foremost, in order to host the events I would need volunteers to help me run it, if I don't have enough volunteers I will abandon this idea. Below is an outline of this event a long with background info. [b]When does this event take place?[/b] About 1-2 weeks from now depending on how fast it is organized. The exact time will be announced later. [b]Who can participate?[/b] Everyone who is level 50+ can participate. The reason for the level requirement is you need to be a certain level to enter some maps. You also must be playing in Bellonova or else you will ju