nhan1st #Warrior Talk

General Warrior

Paladins becomes subtly Op - Red From the paladin revamp during red, their re-revamp during archer reorganization, skill changes during thief and pirate organization, and final skill changes in UI reorganization, Nexon has made and will make Paladins extremely powerful, yet underrated to the major maple community. Paladin survival now - Almost godlike. Either the best, at the very least, second best. Paladin survival RED - Still godlike. Even if power guard is lost, guardian, and two counters on divine shield; we get spam-able heal, 25% damage reduction with divine shield buff on, a resurrect skill, 10% damage reduction from 5 stacks of elemental charges works with %hp attack. This is not to mention the upcoming 5th job where I'm sure Nexon

General Warrior

In need of moral support - In process of making a paladin - Feels like playing Maple 06', not a bad feeling but annoying af - Explorer warriors has no ranged mobbing skill or decent mobility - Have to walk and whack - Hell level 1-60 for DK, Heroes, 1-100 for WK - I will prevail, but can use moral support -Any tips for faster leveling legitly? Here's my training routine 1-10 -> Tele to Vict 10-30 -> Fire golems 30-50 -> CDs 50-65 -> Chryse 65-90 -> Magatia 90-100 -> Aliens 100-110 -> Evo world 110-165 -> LHC 165-200 -> HoH