General Shade

Windia KeriHils0n scams I got scammed by KeriHils0n. Just a warning to you guys, I know some of you wanted to buy his tyrants too. Don't try to buy his items for over max as he will scam the first portion. Ex. item is 12b, he will ask for 2b first This is what happened. I agreed to buy his [url=]boots[/url] for 14b. I paid him the 4b first, and he agreed to put the item in the shop for max afterwards. After buying his item, he disappeared. Here are some screenshots: [url=,2rRKsKP,cRq0jcK,EeTStCt]Paying him 4b first[/url] [url=]He afked and cc'd[/url] Since then, he had been spreading lies about our guild or me scamming. He even whisps me occasionally and talk crap. He c