In need of Flame Wheel and/or Magic Mastery 10

So basically, as the title states, I am looking for someone in the world of Bellocan that has Flame Wheel 10 and/or magic mastery 10?

I can SoK for you, that's not a problem. Also, I would do the Zakum quests, but I'm hopeless at doing the jump quest. Believe me, I've tried. I'm a failure at them in general.

I have a small amount of money that can be donated if you are willing to help me, say, 5 mil + some scrolls and + some mastery books?

Please people of bellocan, is there anyone out there willing to help out a fellow Mapler? (And please don't think I'm one of those bandwagoners, I made this evan on launch date....)


April 27, 2012

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I have the same problem and it is preventing me from wanting to play my Evan. Hell just my 4th job characters in general because I am too poor for mastery books. Anyone know if they change or remove the pre-quests when it gets instanced? Would make my maple life so much easier.

Reply April 27, 2012