So this happened while I was mapling today



Basically, I logged onto maple as usual. I was going out for food, so I decided to set up my shop.
So I set up my shop, set my prices, set the name, and opened it.

HOWEVER, as soon as I got out of my chair to leave, I saw that a stray cat was sitting in a chair right next to me?
Somehow this stray cat got into my house, somehow found it's way upstairs, somehow found me, and then somehow sat down next to me without me noticing.


TLDR: Homeless creeper cat gets into my house

June 17, 2013

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[quote=BeginnerSudo]@Rondragon123: I'd like to see a ss of that please.

@OP get it out of your house b4 it hacks you. It's probably @PinapplePoPo in disguise.[/quote]

It was for like a second so I couldn't catch an SS, sorry...

Reply June 17, 2013

[quote=CherryLigers]inb4 got scammed
OT: This is realted to League of Legends how?[/quote]

This is related to MAPLE because the cat came in while I was using the client.

Reply June 17, 2013

It's not creepier than that one time I was in temple of time and an NPC HAD MY CHARECTER HEAD! I mean what te heck? I got creeped out when it happend... </3

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that is creep as hell.

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