How should I fund myself?

Hey guys.
So I currently am trying to fund my Bucc.

Note: If you're here to tell me I'm in the wrong section, you try getting someone to reply in the pirate section.

I currently have:

Random 3L legendary overall that will be cubed to a nice % str (was a 100 tier upgrade one)
Clean empress hat, boots, gloves, and overall
6% str tempest pendant/ring/shoulder/belt
6% str earrings
Normal ABR
Random decentish weapon outclassed by clean empress wep

I can spend maybe 5b at the VERY MOST, in which I will have to go make money somehow.
But I am hoping ill only need to spend about 3b (less time needed to make the money)

What kind of range could I be looking at, and how many % str might I have? Would I be able to clear ranked dojo?

And what should I upgrade first and replace with?


June 2, 2013

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[quote=DemonkillaMS]Merch more[/quote]

Planning to buy it all in about a week. What could I do with my current amount?

Reply June 2, 2013