Star World Rock Paper Scissors D/c after 4000?

So I've done this exactly three times in a row.
When I get right above 4000+ score on rock paper scissors D/C's me.
Has anyone else had this problem?
And if anyone else has, any way to fix it?

[url=]The D/C and score deleted -_-[/url]
[url=]My high score (look in the top right corner of window)[/url]
[url=]My last run before d/c'ing yet a third time[/url]

A way to solve this would really be nice, because it's really annoying when I have 4500 points and 3 lives left and I D/C. I could have probably easily gotten 5-6k+.


December 24, 2014

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[quote=LittleTLK]Maybe it thinks you're cheating at that point.[/quote]

This could be true, but on my third run I even suicided a few times until game end just to stop it from dcing me. It kicks me anyways.
Also there's currently a person at 47XX

Reply December 24, 2014

Maybe it thinks you're cheating at that point.

Reply December 24, 2014