As an Endgame Weapon

How much would it cost me in mesos to scroll an average 161 magic att emp wand to 200 magic att? Assuming I got all those protection scrolls and stuff from the event.

Also, how crappy would it be if i only scrolled it to around 185 magic att? And how much would THAT cost?


February 21, 2013

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[quote=AnalExorcism]Its pretty bad. My loveless clean is about that much. I suggest you go straight for loveless, scroll + enhance. Bout 2-4 bil perfect scrolling.[/quote]

I kind of want to complete the empress set though...
Will the attack on the loveless make up for the set effect?

Reply February 21, 2013

[quote=muffinkay]there are perfect loveless wands/ staffs for 1.9 bill in the fm atm......[/quote]

Scania; he's in Bellocan.

Reply February 21, 2013

[quote=Aeroleyze]If you're one of those people that only gets satisfaction by scrolling his own items, go for it, even though it would be about 2x more expensive. Your best bet is to find someone quitting a mage character, that's willing to sell it for cheap. I'd say it'll run you about 2B, if there was no potential/hidden pot. Scrolling a perfect weapon in this day and age would definitely cost around 4-5b.[/quote]

So how about like 185-190 magic att? (including enhancements)
How much would that cost, and how bad would it be?

Reply February 21, 2013