I had heard that mercedes could do this with leap tornado and wild hunters with their high speed jaguars. So I decided I would see if mounts worked on this stage

May 4, 2015

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Oh, I meant the very ugly one that was duped so hard in the past
It has 190% speed so I guess it's one of the more lenient mounts

And, thanks! I look forward to adding this strat to my future wr attempts

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Just tested this with the kanna's lvl 200 mount. It can also bypass this. Fun stuff <3

Reply May 4, 2015

So...... 4 people above me.... Stay Bkue <3

Reply May 4, 2015

[quote=Rachelll]Works with "Dragon" mount (the ugly one) too[/quote]

If you mean the 200 adventurer dragon one, yeah.
Seems like you can pull off the jump with 180+ speed

Oh, grats on the record oz clear btw~

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ooo tyvm

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Works with "Dragon" mount (the ugly one) too

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Remind me to use my panda when I get to 27f again.

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I thought you meant how to no clown as a 27 year old female.

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