A very slow + clowned recording but also a very safe 42f solo. Clear the bottom by walking through it once, then proceed to do 2 cycles of the floor.

Evan still stripped, 270k clean at the time of recording in this video.
Post revamp you have about seven minutes before Finley appears to kill you, therefore basically any class, any funding should be able to solo this floor without too much trouble, since you have about two minutes to AFK/fall/clown whatever. For harps, the real platforms are the ones with grass that faces to the right.

Shoutout to the group of people in MYBCKN who are working on 42f, hopefully this helps anyone else who may be stuck on the floor as well.

October 15, 2015

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op. pls teach me senpai

Reply October 16, 2015

omg 5:51 lost respect reported

Reply October 15, 2015

you did gud potato dj paulie d

Reply October 15, 2015

wow paul u filthy casual with ur filthy casual runs

Reply October 15, 2015

I see you =.= posting this right after my story complaining about 42f Well good news, I cleared it for the first time last night now I need to learn the questions for 43 or find an updated list

Reply October 15, 2015