What do you guys do when you get bored on maplestory So I started this game in 2006 and I played it until around 2011 and stopped. Then I started again two years later and stopped that same year. And I just started playing again, and I'm thinking to myself how the hell did I used to play this game for so long without getting bored. I just feel like it used to be a much more fun game to play. So yeah, what do you guys do when you get bored in this game? PS: This is also my first time back on basilmarket since I last stopped playing :)

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game wont launch Alright so I recently just started playing maple again, and when I reinstalled the game on friday, it wouldnt run when i pressed play. Then I tried playing again yesterday, and it worked just fine and I was able to play without any issues. Then I try again today and nothing happens when I press play. This was bugging me a bit so I go onto the windows task manager, and i went over to processes, and i noticed that whenever i clicked play, maplestory would appear in my processes for maybe 5 secondsish, and then it would go away. So does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks. Yes I did try to run it from gamelauncher instead, it does the same thing xD


Starting after a while alright so i played maple for the first time in a while yesterday cause i was insanely bored, and i guess its a good way to kill time when i have nothing to do. The last time i played was around the time when demon slayers came out. I just have a quick question about funding. So I gave my account to one of my friends last year when i stopped playing again and im guessing he took all my money because i only have 25 mil now. and I was wondering if you guys could give me any advice on how to bring this amount up, because i'm thinking of making a night lord, and from what i remember, you need a lot of funding for them. If the main way is still merching, could you guys give me some items to start out with to merchant? Than

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what are ur favorite classes for black ops Well I have many. Primary: AK47 dual mag / supressor (for S&D) Secondary: Crossbow, Balistic knife, or China Lake Lethal: Semtex or Tomohawk Tactical: Flashbang or decoy (for S&D to lure in) Equipment: Claymore, C4, or motion sensor (for S&D) And basically the same set up for any other class except the primary weapon would be commando, galil, or famas. Ya i have a large variety i know... lol. so what are your favorite classes? EDIT: forgot about perks 1st perk: Flak jacket/ ghost (for S&D) or hardline 2nd perk: Sleight of hand/ warlord 3rd perk: Marathon/ hacker

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