Tower of Oz Alicia's Brilliance Theory So it's more or less common knowledge by now that the 500 m.atk Alicia's Brilliance is "impossible" to get. Dorothy only drops the 300 m.atk Mutated Staff, there's no quest for upgrading it like there is with the Cursed Kaiserium, and nobody in either KMS or GMS has ever managed to get one. A lot of people have tried various theories (like dropping the Mutated Staff in the Dorothy map) but nothing's worked, and so everyone has reached the conclusion that it can't be obtained. What has always confused me about the staff is that it's completely untradeable, can't be psok'd. Meaning unless you were a mage, getting the staff would be pointless. Which got me thinking, maybe it's something only a mage can ge


EMS Merging with GMS Summary: -EMS servers will now be on the server select page -EMS players and items will be staying in their respective servers, not moving into ours -EMS exclusive content (like Additional Options) will be removed and players will be compensated So before people freak out, no, EMS players will not be in your server after this. They'll still be in their server, which you can now make a character in if you so desire. Similarly, EMS players can make new characters in the base GMS servers, if they so desire. This isn't a full "merge" where the EMS servers are getting deleted and all the EMS players are being shoved into the existing GMS servers. Just want to make that clear before people start freaking out about FM prices,

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