Evan DPS in 1 minute

The 93.94b was using Heroic Memories (1.565b / s)
The 84.15b was without Heroic Memories (1.379b / s)

Used combo of Wind Flash and Dragon Breath (just normal Breath, not Wind or Earth) with Booster, Green MPE Pot, dSI, and Return Dive (+1 attack speed).

Attack speed only affects Mana Burst, the other skills are all unaffected by any changes in speed.

June 23, 2016

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@ak44: We actually lost 40% Final Damage. The dps just doubled overall because of how many more hits/s we have.

Reply June 23, 2016

hm so about 100% final damage increase

Reply June 23, 2016 - edited

This was pre revamp

Reply June 23, 2016 - edited

So what's the before and after?

Reply June 23, 2016 - edited