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Lv. 100+ Spots and 4th Job Hi, so my WH just hit Lv. 99 and I need a few questions answered. At the moment, i have absolutely no idea where to train. I've been at Mr. Anchors since Lv. 97, and before that came MP3/Gallos. I really dont like Mr. Anchors because the spawn seems small and it just gets boring, so im trying to find another place to train. The problem is that i have no clue where to go, so i was hoping you guys could help me with some spot ideas. And don't just limit yourselves to Lv. 100 spots, i don't really know where to go for Lv.'s 100-120 so any info would be nice. Secondly, I've been wondering how im going to set up my 4th job build. I normally rely on the guides posted in whatever section my class is, but the WH guide doe