Total amount of money spent on maple? Title, I quit around a year ago, but today I was just wondering how much I spent, so I went back to review purchases... it turned out to be around about ~6285 USD... shocking. It's scary how much money you could spent on a game over the course of 7 years.... but of course, a lot of them was bought with mesos Has any basilers ever counted how much money they've spent? Seems like a lot of people has spent a considerable amount of money on Maple. I grew up playing Maplestory; started playing a beta, but after qutting, I realized how much I regret spending so much money on this game... given the facts that I'm only a high school student, where I can use those 6.2 grand on like prom or food T_T


Marvel Surprise Style Box Run Price Check So I got a few surprise style boxes from Marvel and I opened them, if I could get a price check in Bera, that'd be great I hope some of these made up for the crap run I did If you want to see the picture it's [url=]here[/url] towards the end of the video is me opening it. (5:25) 1. Rainbow knitted Top 2. Olive Beanie 3. Demon Sickle 4. Steward Cat 5. Green Tie Casual Suit 6. Black Eye Guard 7. Santa Beard 8. Arabian Outfit (M)

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Thoughts on these types of music? Hi all, I was in Japan the other day and bought some interesting music albums, non-popular artist type of people I shared some of it on youtube, I was wondering if any Basilers actually enjoys this kind of music, I personally do, but a lot of people I know don't. For the second song, ignore the fact that you don't understand the lyrics, I just wanted to know if the music in general appeals to anyone Let me know if you like this kind, I'll be more than happy to share more these kinds [url=]Shine a Light[/url] [url=]Karen (Japanese word)[/url]

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