whats the price of a primed scrolled knuckle

Anyone know the price of this?
its a prime scrolled fafnir knuckle, 7 star 3l unique 20%boss 6%att
Its in bera, thanks!

August 15, 2014

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I know they go up to 9b in bera at least, I'm just not sure what the usual price for final sale is (11b? 12b? 13b?).
But I know 4-5b is completely stupid.

Reply August 15, 2014


its about 10b+ in Windia too, I'm not sure what this guy is on about.

Reply August 15, 2014

a prime scrolled 3l unique knuckle goes for 10b+ in Bera lol
you can't compare windia price with bera

Reply August 15, 2014

If you need any more p/c's or merching tips ask em here

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