Is Nocturne top lane viable?

Title, I was just curious if its viable anymore with nocturne top.
And if anyone can give me nocturne jungle/top tips, it'd be great!

January 20, 2015

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There's a lot of unique/different things that are viable, and when it comes to a top nocturne, it's good and bad depending on the matchups.

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the meta is so far outta whack, it's hard to tell what's good and what's crap.
example: fizz jungle. noobies would have much trouble working jungle for an assassian like fizz. few people can get em to work and still make people explode.
season 3 and 4 had its preferred champs in certain roles. season 5, anything goes. when i mean anything goes, i mean anything goes. you'll never know who, or where, they'll pop up.

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He's a good duelist but his lack of escapes make him have a hard time top lane especially since a lot of junglers like to camp top lane. Also, as @Amped mentioned, he can't really farm without pushing so you're pretty much constantly inviting others to gank you. I don't recommend it.

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He is good at trading with his passive but can get poked down by ranged champs in top lane these days.

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He duels really well. It's hard to farm without pushing, though.

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Dont use Dusk Trail a lot

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[quote=Torque]Ninjaken[/quote] unless ur dat guy nope.

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I don't have any tips because I have never played nocturne, but I feel almost every ad jungler can be a top laner.

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