I Guess you can call them Scammers

So Yesterday i notice my alliance was hosting a HTpq. and they where looking for people. And so i decided to join them, after about 1Hour of finding people and doing quest. we finally go. And here's what happened. So we did a normal HT run and the leader wanted to go do CHT for a second run... Well we went again and so after a while of fighting the boss the leader kicks out everyone when CHT is about to die, so he can take all the drops for himself (that SOB) Well just wanted to tell you guys to keep in mind that the following people aren't trustworthy : LeSsBnditDex, RoyhalFlash, RLSKS

September 28, 2012

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[quote=Bladewagoner]No ones hating. Agreeing is subjective; no one needs to agree, sorry big boi[/quote]

no one thinks you're cool when you put down other people ok?

OT: wow, that sucks. Its a form of deception, but either way, that was wrong of him.

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Too bad you need 10 people present in the map at the time you kill Chaos Horntail dies in order to get the drops to begin with, so... that guy gets nothing

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moral ethics. woo!

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That sucks. I think in Zakum, kicking people will kick you out of the map, but I guess that isn't the case for HT.

And of course, Nexon doesn't do sh!et about any problems, ever.

And they ain't scammers, they're hoarz.

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What a massive tool

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