Boss : King Sage Cat
Level: 97
HP: 590,000

Snipe hit it 500k sharp. Still died.

March 5, 2011

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[quote=ko680]same with pap's second form, it has 1.5m hp but with 1 snipe I take out 2/3s.[/quote]

He is correct. However, the actual value that snipe hits is 1m, even though it says 500k. I've sniped grandpa boss, which has 150m hp, and I counted the snipes, and it was a total of 150. Therefore, snipe = 1m, not 500k, and NOT 30% boss dmg.

Hopes this helps the confusion.

Reply March 7, 2011

[quote=PlsDontDltMyAcc]I noticed this too maany, I think sage cat could've just had its hp lowered.

Anyway nice vid maany [/quote]
Gush! Hp bar!

Haii xD

Reply March 6, 2011

@zcmelak That's why I whacked it at the start of the vid. Take note of the HP bar.
@Predictions It's possible, but the damage still displayed 500k to and it also displays 500k to other people so I don't think it's a user sided thing. Usually with 30% damage boost on bosses, you'd notice an increase in damage from the numbers that come up, this, however, stayed at 500k.
About the HP of the boss itself, I'll do another vid one Big Foot now that it's HP is lower than it used to be. (It's lower, isn't it? Or was it just his damage that was affected?)

Reply March 6, 2011

[quote=HotShotMarlo]Seems like a very logical explanation

Now to clarify...

Do you have 30% boss damage?[/quote]

No I didn't before, but just today I bought one and it does the same.

Reply March 6, 2011

Maybe it's because of the 30% boss on your Xbow?

Reply March 6, 2011

same with pap's second form, it has 1.5m hp but with 1 snipe I take out 2/3s.

Reply March 6, 2011

nice xbow

Reply March 5, 2011

hot HP o____o

Reply March 5, 2011


Wats ur range?

Reply March 5, 2011

Like it =)

Reply March 5, 2011