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help with excel data validation So I'm working with Excel's data validation and I'm not too great at the custom formula for data validation. Is there any way to require a cell to have at least one number and one letter, in no particular order? For example, HELLO512 or 3H would be allowed but something like 12345 or HELLO would not be allowed. Also! Would there be any way to prohibit all special characters except for underscores? I'm using Excel 2016 if that matters. Thanks :)


Elite Boss Level Range Hi, I just came back from a hiatus and I'm trying to make mesos from elite bosses. I tried going to drakes and hitting the elite boss once before its death, but there are way too many people tracking the bosses there and as a result my screen lags and freezes. I've decided to make a low level character and spawn bosses myself at golems, and it has been working pretty well so far. The flaming golems are level 19 and my character is now 29. Can I still spawn bosses past level 29, or is 10 levels the max level difference?


Developer Letter Glitch This is what happened: I only need one letter to complete the entire letter collection, so I collect a bunch of letters and start going through them. After a while I finally obtain a new letter, but when I check my letter collection it says I'm still missing one. So I assume that I must have miscounted or something and continue opening more letters. I finally obtain a new letter but again, my letter collection still says that I'm missing one. Anyone else experiencing issues with this or is it just me? I really want to finish these letters </3


Coin Shop Pink Bean Balloon Has anyone bought the Pink Bean/Black Bean Balloon mount from the 10th anni coin shop yet? It says "Permanent", and can be used for 10 days after purchase. The 10 days is probably referring to how long you have to use the mount coupon, but I just want to make sure because: All of the other mounts in the coin shop have permanent coupons, but the pink bean balloons are the only ones that have that 10 day thing. Yeah I'm just being super paranoid but want to confirm that it is permanent before I buy it. Thanks!