Decent skills and pet auto buff?

Why decent skills cannot be assigned to auto buffs from pets? Like DSI, DSE and DCO... Is there like a logical explanation or is just nexon being nexon.

August 23, 2015

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No beginner skills, no skills with cooldowns, and no skills that can't be cast on a rope.

Reply August 23, 2015

[quote=xkillo32]if you take off the equip they cant use it anymore[/quote]
yea but its the same with shadow stars on NL, if u run out of stars the pet wont buff you and a message will spam on chat log

Reply August 23, 2015

if you take off the equip they cant use it anymore

Reply August 23, 2015

Probably because they can't be debuffed? idk, seems like reason enough.

Reply August 23, 2015