Exp Multipliers guide.

Hello fellow maplers, this thread is for introducing the first version of my exp multipliers guide. I made it in a first place for my guild mates and have been improving it for a while.
This spreadsheet includes useful information such as:
Duration/durability of exp multipliers.
Stack conflicts.
Origin of the multiplier.
Detailed example.

Edit: google doc link breaks when i post it here, please check the second comment.

I will include in a future version a way to calculate the theoretical exp you would get by using certain multipliers so you can see in advance what will be the exp you would get before using the multiplers in question.

November 25, 2015

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9.999/10, you missed out on the 'godly Jose mobbing ability' buff :0

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@nitsua2789: thanks man! btw gold mpe do stack with exp acc! tested

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A pretty simple guideline for what multipliers you can stack:

You can have 1 of each of the following:
-Character Skill buff (Bishop's Holy Symbol or the Beast Tamer Cat Passive)
-Use buff (1 hour 1.5x or 2x buffs, or enjoyable winters, anything that you would use like a potion)
-*Cash Shop or Etc Inv coupon (the 4 hour 1.5x coupons from boxes or 2x coups from the CS / marvel)
-2x or 3x event

*Note that 3x coupons from Marvel DO NOT stack with a 2x or 3x event, so be sure not to use them when an event is going on.

Outside of these 4 multipliers you can use various additive exp bonuses, including:
-Mercedes Link Skill
-Zero Character Card
-Gold MPE Potion
-EXP Accumulation Potion
-EXP Pendant

Which will all give an added x% of the mobs base exp, unaffected by your multipliers (ex. SDH mobs give 91.8k, an EXP Accumulation pot (10% exp bonus) would give you an additional 9.18k per mob). All of these additive sources can be used together without conflict (except maybe Gold MPE pot with EXP Accum. pot? I don't remember specifically)

Nice guide

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Webpage is unavailable?

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