Capping shadower dps

Im planning moving to shadower after i hit 250, i was wondering if a shadower capping, for example this kms dude would be near the dps of a kaiser or a wild hunter. Considering ia+1 att speed, mpe green potion and fafnir dagger. Thanks in the advance

November 4, 2015

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are you supposed to put attack on shield or luk? O/t cause im freaking out right now

Reply November 29, 2015

welp better invested in -5 sec cooldown hat

planning to make one when violet cube is re-released

Reply November 9, 2015

@stevenman76: yea i was comparing videos of godly pro shadowers, kaisers and whs and shadower took less time in most of bosses i saw
@taisuke: yea, read that like 1 hr ago, rip.
thanks for the comments guys

Reply November 5, 2015

The meso explosion gets a 5 sec cd nerf which is after that video was made. We get that nerf in 1-2 months.

Reply November 5, 2015

From what I've heard, Shadowers that can cap with Carnival and meso explosion have dps as high as, if not higher than, kaisers and WHs.

Reply November 5, 2015