Illusion Step Skill?

Is this skill useful, how does it work and what does it do when you are fighting.

My imagination was it works like stance, except "Dodge" over the character head as it is passive skill.

I don't know if I'm even close because I still have 0 for the skill and tempted to add at least 1 point to it.

March 20, 2012

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@kurahk6: I assume the path you took is also maxed Ultimate Inferno? Its an interesting path that you took, I honestly have forgotten that we (Maplers) had choices to add points halfway or alter the SP.

Reply March 29, 2012

@kurahk6: I see, which one did you max at the end of your journey? I was thinking Illusion Step if it is useful against seduce.

Thanks for everyone else for the details about this skill.

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IS works as a dodge mechanic entirely separate from your avoidability stat. When maxed, you will dodge 30% of attacks before even considering your avoidability. Whenever IS activates there is a small golden animation and your character smiles. (Note: The animation is bugged for MM)

The damage bonus from the +dex is decent but insignificant compared to other skills so upgrade it last unless you are very frequently killing bosses with seduce. IS is a miracle worker for bosses with seduce and has saved my BM countless times at HT and CZAK.

I don't see any point in throwing only 1sp in it since the damage boost would be small and the dodge would be unnoticable at 1%. In short, max it as one of your last skills, but definitely max it if you plan to boss.

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I actually maxed Illusion Step since it gives a DEX bonus and shifter, which is pretty nice to increase your attack. The skillbooks for it is also relatively cheap. Since I also maxed Maple Warrior, I decided to not max Ultimate Inferno since I chose puppet over that for bossing.

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Yeah so I have been using a level 1 Illusion Step, doesn't seem to do much other than increase my range.
Now I'm a bit disappointed, maybe its better at higher level but haven't really noticed a difference.

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[quote=HawkShade]Isn't it annoying to cast it every mintue?[/quote]

It is. Increments of about 6 seconds for every point put in, but I forgot the start value.

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Illusion step is not a passive but an active skill. It has duration time

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I see, i'll add level 1 to it to test it xD

I don't know what shadow shifter looks like lol

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Its like shadow shifter.

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