DarkAngel's Halloween event, Hosted by MysticZx
A jumpquest (map dcs a lot..which became part of the challenge) to the end of B1-3 in subway.
Race to the end
First place gets 4 zombie rings (FoolishPride)
Second place gets 3 zombie rings (Siqamour)
Last place gets 1 zombie ring (Kontrou)

October 25, 2010

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i have no idea how you get zombie rings, i just logged in and found 3 rings

Reply February 25, 2011

Yeah you weren't here yet Dx

Reply October 28, 2010

WOOHOO! REPRESENT! BTW, you're listening to the winner... *Polishes knuckles on chest*

Awww... I wasn't in this SS. D:

Reply October 28, 2010 - edited

It was fun, map crashes like crazy so we said "map crash in 3..2..1" and so the crashes were part of the challenge! =D DarkAngel (DA) REPRESENT!

Reply October 28, 2010 - edited

A creative idea for a guild event

Reply October 26, 2010 - edited