Arrow Illusion Glitching in Gollux?

Um whenever I set up my arrow illusion (puppet) in hard gollux, the head doesn't only face in one direction anymore.
I can still manage to kill it, but it just makes it much harder and also costs me at least a life or unless I actually focus then I don't die.
Anyone have the same problem? Thanks!

March 16, 2016

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Everyone's right. Familiar summoning should be the reason why it's not aggroing.

You should also be able to snipe from outside the range of gollux's breath making aggroing less important.

Reply May 22, 2016

Double summon and it should fix it.

Reply March 23, 2016

@blindnbright not sure if this applies to you too, but if i;m closer to gollux than my jewel, he'll aggro me

Reply March 16, 2016

@cris1000: must try this out ASAP! I've been wondering why the aggro kept getting off my arrow illusion. Thank you

Reply March 16, 2016

Familiars mess up the aggro, you might have had one on. As well if you cast another arrow illusion while gollux is focused on it already, he will attack you (one more will fix it)

Reply March 16, 2016