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Soul weapon turned untradable?

So I loaded a magnificient emp soul onto my wep (which was psoked)
and it turned untradable..
I see tradable soul weps all the time. what up wid dat?

0 June 25, 2014

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You wear the soul wep, load the soul, then psok.

Reply June 25, 2014

i mean i can still un-soul my wep and psok it again,
wondering how people are keeping their weps psoked + soul'ed simultaneously

Reply June 25, 2014

Nexon be trolling..

Now watch them release more power boosting stuff that makes everything untradeable. Then a few months later release some broken lv 170+ set that puts all our sets to shame as each equip comes with 100+ att with some 400+ att weapon..

Reply June 25, 2014