Disney Tomorrowland

So uh, I just got an email from Disney (I get several a week from them about new things from them) and it linked me to [url=]this[/url] trailer (well not literally to youtube, but I figure it's easier to link people to youtube to see the video). First time hearing about this movie, but wow did it pique my interest. They did a good job with showing just enough to have no clue what the heck it's about, but still want to know more. At least for me and a few others. What about you guys? Still a while away, but seems awesome so far (not more awesome than the Avengers that comes out 3 weeks before this, but still).

October 11, 2014

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Oh wow this does actually look pretty cool, like the two above said lol

Reply October 11, 2014

Where's Hardwell?

Reply October 11, 2014

looks pretty interesting ^^

Reply October 11, 2014

Whoa whoa whoa doods.

Thats lookin like a unique movie. <3

except for the, you know, "character finds an item of great responsibility" thing.

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