5th job and buff duration

With the new 5th job announced, buff duration suddenly seems like a very good IA (as opposed to say, attack speed).

First off, the removal of the dmg cap means having a longer infinity is way more beneficial. 50% buff duration means an extra 20 seconds on infinity during which you would be dealing about 2.5x your usual dmg.

We are also getting a new toggle which converts 8% mp per attack into 15% final dmg. 8% mp cost is ALOT, but remember that infinity makes it so skills have no mana cost. All the more reason to have a longer infinity.

Lastly, i assume the new bossing pattern for bishops will be to simply cast pray for as long as they can, and then attack while it's on cooldown. Depending on the level, pray lasts between 41 and 90 seconds, and has a cooldown between 120 and 90 seconds. This duration/cooldown fortunately coincides with infinity's cooldown, so i assume bishops will simply alternate between infinity and pray. Again, all the more reason to have a more powerful infinity with buff duration.

July 4, 2016

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@xproheal: Same here. I got my second line 13% and that's plenty for me

Reply July 5, 2016

Yep, definitely keeping my %buff. Was considering rolling for atkspeed but I'm not going to now.

Reply July 5, 2016

eh.. i worked to hard for my attack speed so i won't change it. i'll just keep rolling my second line whenever i get the chance until i get some sort of %buff and settle for that.

Reply July 4, 2016

*already has 125%* I'm just too lazy to level my Mech that last 20 levels to bring it to 130%, then there's 2 Monster Life mobs that give 5% each as well (Von Bon and Arkarium), but maintaining Special mobs like that is just too much work for a 30-day boost. (they're both SS rank, so they can't be extended with Gems, and they both also require another Special monster as well - Pink Bean and Timer, respectively, which are only available through random boxes.)

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This is 100% accurate assuming Infinity does cancel the MP usage of the new toggle skill. That's a big "if".
I wouldn't cancel out +1 attack speed, since it does mean you get to do more attacks per Infinity buff (and outside it).
But Buff duration DOES look better than ever now. In fact, yes, it's better than +1 atk speed (as much as it sadden me, because I worked hard for it).

EDIT: just to be clear, even if Infinity DOESN'T affect 5th job or something stupid like this, the Duration addition you get for Infinity is SO GOOD, if you get a 50% Duration, and lv 100 Empathy (10% Duration) and a level 200 mechanic (additional 20% duration), plus our passive Buff Duration (50%), adds up to 130% (making it last 92 seconds), cooldown of 3 min,
Infinity is active more than half the time.
No MP usage, Stance bonus, Healing factor, A HUGE damage addition, and soon-to-be cap breaking. That is no joke. Buff Duration makes it THAT MUCH better.

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