Infinity tick rate

So I've always been told infinity ticks 10 times over its entire duration, regardless of how long it lasts. With the new final damage tab in the stats window, I decided to check out exactly how often infinity ticks.

Turns out infinity ticks every 6 seconds after all, NOT 10 times over its duration (every 4 secs with level 0 buff mastery). With my buff duration I was able to reach 140% final dmg without dCO and 154% with dCO. Keep in mind that if you want to verify this you need to start at 0% final dmg because final dmg scales multiplicatively.

The old 8% dmg cap increase followed the 10 ticks / infinity trend, so idk why final damage does not. Then again this is Nexon, so spaghetti is to be expected.

Another important thing that was already pretty well known is that the first tick of infinity does nothing. This means if you have 0% buff duration, you will reach 10% final dmg after 6sec, and 90% at the end, not 100%.

December 1, 2016

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The ticks are around 5.4 seconds, I've found. dmg cap increase was the same.

Reply December 2, 2016

I have lots of buff duration on this character, and I was seeing approx +170% final damage at the end of Infinity (my range was also approx +170% as well).

Reply December 2, 2016