Super Tilted because of Maintenance I'm pretty sure many of you can relate, but as a University student I have a gigantic pile of homework and studying to do every week and don't really have a lot of time to play any video games except during the weekends.For some miraculous reason I managed to finish all of my homework and studies for this week and the next and decided to play my favorite game "maplestory". It turns out that right when I got into my apartment and tried to login, maplestory is down! This tilted me so hard that I actually felt my heart move with sorrow considering the fact that the only time I had to play ms was today. In addition, I cannot play on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because I have to manage/plan a C.S. event which


Hey Guys. Was bored and decided to make a bossing video for you guys. These are basically the bosses I do on a daily. It was real late when I recorded each clip. Prob not gonna do this again for a while ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Range: For those of you who are super curious as to what my range is. it's 1.9m buffed. World: Broa for the wind bby (Maybe Windia too :D) Drop Gear: I was wearing 80% drop gear so my range was a bit worse. Total Bonus DR would be 174%. Here is the break down 80% Drop Gear 60% familiar 20% Showdown (NL Skill + Hyper) 14% IA (Inner Ability) Songs Used: 1) Made in Heights - Forgiveness 2) Ivan B - Sweaters 3) Black Tiger Sex Machine - Destroy It (U

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