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Hey guys,

I received a couple of warnings from people that stuff's getting a little hot in the Art/Screen section. Apparently there are two groups who are going around liking their own work and disliking the work of the opposing group. I've personally managed to identify only one group, which appears to have Doutei and Msstopposting as central figures.
All accusations of "circle jerking" are by Doutei, who feels targeted by the opposing group, but does not take responsibility for the sarcastic and sometimes hateful comments he and Msstopposting post in reply to the drawings by the "opposing faction" and also random screens they don't like. Even Icephoenix, who normally likes herself a good fight, rang the bell, PMing me a couple of times with warnings and complaints about their passive agressiveness.
Here are a few examples:
[url='3]Doutei's claim that we know what's going on, but don't care[/url]
[url=]Doutei revived a thread that was more than one year old just to accuse people of circle jerking again[/url]
Earlier on Doutei and Msstopposting angrily demanded that we allow bashing in the Screen section, because well, that too is criticism. My comment that we couldn't do that was ignored. After that Msstopposting has stopped communicating altogether, while Doutei just leaves standard "Everybody's against me including the mods" rants here and there.
Comments to screens in general are more vitriolic than they've been before. I've had to suspend quite some people for bashing other artists or posting generally inappropriate comments. [url=]A few examples[/url] I don't know if this fight set that in motion or if this set the fight in motion.
Doutei has accused many people of having multiple accounts based on the likes they deposit on whoever he believes to be the opposing party. He for some reason didn't mention names and apparently won't believe we don't have the ability to deal with rule #10.

Oh yeah, a few people have been complaining about us not replying to reports soon enough. They put so much of a "mods are Nazis" on top that I kinda missed the point of their complaints until a guy furiously PMed me with a more subtle "You're outa your mind and deserve to be visually harassed" covering, but apologised for the Nazi comments. I can't get into the queue, so I can't deal with reports.

Just wanted to inform you... and maybe figure out a way to deal with the Art/Screen debacle, since the screens aren't as straightforward to moderate as regular forum sections and I'm not sure how to tackle the situation. I'd also like to have a mod meeting just to get together again. It's been... how long?


EDIT: Basil's very sluggish for me.

July 1, 2014

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I'm up for a mod meeting. We'd need to schedule something between whoever's around.

What could we discuss about (besides this situation)?

Reply July 2, 2014