please pray for my little brother

guys I need some support, it's my brother's first day at high school and things were really rushed for him. please send real prayers with positive energy.

August 24, 2015

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hope he gets stuff in the locker

Reply August 25, 2015

Good luck to your little brother.

Reply August 25, 2015

not counting senior year, freshman year is prob the most exciting cause there's so many new ppl to meet and just the pure excitement of being in high school. then it wears down considerably sophomore and junior year. I'm sure your brother will have a great year!

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Honestly, freshman year was not that bad at all and I actually liked it better than middle school! Tell him it will be fine and to just ignore the mean upperclassmen if he ever meets one.

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Don't get ur head dunked the toilet. Other than that positive vibes!

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