I am coming back to play maplestory

Hello everyone, I am a returning maplestory player. I haven't played the game since the beginning of 2014 ohmg.. It feels so long now. I played most during the times of 2012-2013 and I remember seeing the game having new stuff, new classes, bosses and more haha. I remember tyrant equips being the best.

Today I come back and I see everything is so different haha. Free market is gone, henesys looks different and other maps too possibly. But I love the skills, I love the graphics and the jobs look beautiful. I need help!! I have a lvl 184 shadower, ign yarushi52. I'm wondering what to do and what gear to get pleaseee

October 24, 2018

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capnmurica You da real veteran!

Reply October 24, 2018

What gear do you have now ? maybe you could check out some friends you used to play with, or join a guild to get some info. A lot has changed since 2014. Welcome back man !

Reply October 24, 2018